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This is one of the best blu ray movies i have seen. Unlike the blu ray and dvd made in the usa, the uk special edition has the color coded subtitles and the quality of the picture is definitely a lot superior. The theatrical cut disc also has all the bonus features on it. As an extension of the licensing agreement between lionsgate and miramax, cinema paradiso projects onto blu ray in a singledisc presentation contained within a standard ecoaware blue case. Shortly after midsommars theatrical release, aster revealed that he had an extended directors cut of the film that hed like to release. Exorcist directors cut theatrical version 2 discs blu ray region arelease date. The 40th anniversary of saturday night fever blu ray here includes both the directors cut and theatrical version of the film. The crimes of grindelwald featured an extended cut with 7 minutes more footage. However, keep in mind that the theatrical cut is not on this set only the 174 minute extended cut. I just found the original theatrical version of tropic thunder via an online torrent download which was listed as tropic thunder 2008 1080p bluray.

Hopefully i can find the theatrical release somewhere. Midsommar uk director and theatrical cuts blu ray region b quantity. Making its blu ray and dvd debut february 4th, 2019, from scream factory in conjunction with ifc films, the twodisc release contains both the directors cut and the theatrical cut of the film. Cut the blu ray commentary down to fit the dvd runtime, for another optional audio track. The dvd release only included the theatrical cut of the film. The other older bd version with will smith and other cast members on the cover is not complete with the extended version so be careful before you buy. The blu ray for the extended cut will be packaged along with superman. Blumhouses fantasy island is set to land on digital hd on 14th april and blu ray and dvd on 12th may and will be bringing both the pg theatrical cut and a new unrated cut of the movie. Amadeus this is the version that won the oscar, not the clunky 2002 edition. Realizing that this means the theatrical cut of the film must be included on the blu ray release in addition to. The only way to get the unrated cut, which features some fantastic gore, was.

Since abcs broadcast, some of the footage included in the extended cut has made its way into previous releases of superman. The theatrical cut is by far and away the best of the two. Restore any missing footage with dvd material as seamlessly as possible. The movie to bluray with a brand new 1080p remaster later this year. It also features a commentary track by director john badham, a five part look at the film called catching the fever, deleted scenes, behind. Note that only the shorter theatrical cut can be found on this disc, not giuseppe tornatores directors cut. This cut of the movie is not including the black freighter story arc of the ultimate edition. The uncut theatrical version, represented by the german fsk 16 dvd by warner home video has been compared to the us blu ray also by warner. If you enjoy reading cinapse, purchasing items through our affiliate links can tip us with a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Also, the digital copy makes it portable and you can take it everywhere you go. While the theatrical version of watchmen was overlong at 2 hours and 40 minutes, the directors cut on bluray is a mind and butt numbing 3 hours and. Compared to that, the new blu ray is some kind of revelation. The blu ray version of deadpool 2 has both the theatrical and the super duper cut, so you can just go crazy with the deadpool 2. But my preferred cut is the theatrical so not having that would be imperfect, even though every other.

Nov, 2017 the 2017 extended edition us blu ray by warner as stated before, the rips of the tv version are in dreadful full screen and the quality is as bad as to expect from such old vhs rips. Every boxart of the blu ray in each region includes the subtitle directors cut. It contains 2 blu rays discs, the extended cut and the theatrical cut, each one in their own individual case. Have the theatrical cut of amadeus 1984 released on bluray. Its available in germany and not cheap but its a very good,solid transfer and. The house that jack built directors cut arrives on blu. Oct 28, 2014 a riproaring monster flick, all the stops out and pumping with imagination. So where the hell do i buy the theatrical cut of this. For the first time on home video, you can experience clive barkers original directors cut of nightbreed with over 40 minutes of new footage, all mastered in high definition from the original camera negative. Now available on blu ray in both its theatrical cut and a lengthier directors cut, doctor sleep is a strong modern horror tale. Earthquake 1974 theatrical cut 1080p blu ray avc dtshd ma 5. The final cut, available on dvd, bluray disc and hddvd from warner home video on december 18th, 2007. Single original movie disc onlyit is in perfect condition and has never even been played. Though not identified as such, blu ray presents blood simple.

Troy 2004 theatrical cut blu ray cee 1080p torrent. I dont want to give you details about whats on the extended cut because i want it to be a surprise. I thought that transfer was quite good for a catalog title, but paramounts 2003 ultimate directors cut remaster was even better. Exorcist directors cuttheatrical version 2 discs blu. The theatrical cut of jfk was on laserdisc, letterboxed.

The 2017 extended edition us bluray by warner moviecensorship. Fantasy island arriving on dvd and bluray in may, will. Uk theatrical cut blu ray arrow films avc 1920x1080. After renting the tales of the black freighter blu ray its good but not that good ive finally decided to get the directors cut. The warriors theatrical cut will this ever be on bluray. The original theatrical version of the warriors first hit dvd in the late 90s as a barebones disc release. With the blu ray only holding the directors cut and the theatrical cut remaining exclusive to dvd, there is little question as to which edit of the film is preferred by both stone and the studio that cant be gaining much by continually allowing him to reedit his work. There is nothing like watching what was brought to us in the theater. Ultimate collectors edition bilingual at a low price. Movieweb interviewed director josh trank when chronicle was released on dvd and bluray in 2012. Cut the blu ray down to time with the dvd, down to the exact frame. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or instore pickup. When i was a kid i never saw the theatrical or rental version superman ii. Until now, only an extended cut has been available stateside on blu ray, meaning this steelbook release from shout.

Kevin costner stars in and directs this triumphant masterpiece written by michael blake, based on his novel. This release includes standard blu ray editions of the final cut along with the us theatrical cut, the international cut, and the directors cut, as well as the dangerous days documentary on dvd. Although the first saw on blu ray is labeled as rated r, its actually the unrated cut, though ive heard theres few differences between the two the blu ray is the only way ive seen it, since i got duped by the mislabeling. Of course, the bluray also doesnt present the films theatrical cut, which means we also dont get the two audio commentaries that accompanied that version. Both cuts have their merits, so it is about time that the theatrical cut was made available on blu. It was a surprise to find that both theatrical and directors cut are on one disc. Gains, lloyd levin, thomas tull, deborah snyder, alan moore.

Discussion in visual arts started by stratmangler, jul 20. I wish there was an option to switch between them or to get both in one dvd case. The threehour version of the blockbuster that aired on abc in 1982. Anyway, just saw this movie and wanted to talk about it. The can include the directors cut as well, but i want a copy of the film as it existed when it won the oscar.

First off, i thought i was buying the ultimate cut of watchmen on blah ray. The rest of the runtime differences results from the different runspeeds palntsc. Some of the extras found on the dark city blu ray have been carried over from. Finally, after all these years, that tv cut is now available on blu ray.

Director confirms the unrated jason goes to hell is coming. Warner home video has ported over the same bonus material from the 2disc special edition released on the same day. Last week star wars fans were thrilled to hear that disney and lucasfilm may finally be releasing the unaltered, theatrical cuts of the original trilogy on blu ray this year. The warner archive will soon release the extended cut of superman. The anticipation of the tv cut coming to home video was no doubt dulled when warner bros. Special edition as part of a 2film collection from the warner bros archive collection. Directors cut, fans are rewarded with a nice collection of exclusive features that span three discs, sure to entice anyone still sitting on the fence. In this case, extras are everything the theatrical cut unfortunately will be classed as an extra but its anything but. In the months after his traumatic childhood experience at the overlook hotel, danny torrance roger dale floyd as a child and mcgregor as an adult is haunted by visions of the hotels guests, including the decaying. The butterfly effect bluray disc, 2012, directors cut. The warriors mediabook theatrical cut bluray unboxing. Tractor trailer salvage yard found hiding a mega muscle car stash duration. If you want to download the torrent troy 2004 theatrical cut blu ray cee 1080p you will need a torrent client. The extraterrestrial will be released on blu ray for the first time on 12 november to mark its 30th anniversary.

Nov 16, 2017 it 2017 theatrical version only on bluray directors cut not to be released for now. Shop the butterfly effect directors cut theatrical cut blu ray 2004 at best buy. It is the latest 2016 blu ray version including the extended version also the theatrical version which was only avaliable on the special edition dvd of some years ago. So i bought this as a bit of a gamble and wow did it pay off. At least digitally, the cinema version is still available here and there in uhd e. So it is fitting that paramount chose it to be the first directors cut ever released on blu ray. Theres a directors cut that runs about 165 minutes, and theres an extended cut that runs about 167 minutes, but the original theatrical version that premiered in 1972 and was released to home video aka the version i first saw and fell in love with is nowhere to be found on either dvd or blu ray. Redemption bluray theatrical edit comparison youtube. According to we got this covered, warner archives is releasing both the extended tv version of the film, as well as the special edition directors cut from 2000, in. Dracula 1979 scream factory collectors edition blu ray. Jul 25, 20 this video compares the featurelength blu ray edit of redemption to the individual part i and part ii episodes from star trek. Dances with wolves extended and original theatrical cuts. Payback theatrical cut and directors cut bluray region.

The outsiders theatrical cut on bluray please youtube. If you want the original theatrical cut of the warriors to be released then please like and share this video and leave a comment to that effect. I have also seen the dvd version of it, but the blu ray is vastly better. The theatrical version of the lord of the rings trilogy is phenomenal on blu ray. Im just wondering if anyone knows if the superior theatrical cut of the warriors will ever see the light of day on blu ray since the only one curently available is the walter hill pulls a george lucas edition a. Unaltered original star wars trilogy is not coming to bluray. Seeders, leechers and torrent status is updated several times per day.

Theatrical cut is on blu ray in region 2i have it and i. Watchmen theatrical cut widescreen singledisc edition. To start there a disc full of extras and then a blu ray directors cut which plays in my xbox one x apparently as its. The 2017 us bluray release by kino lorber moviecensorship.

Lots of hd concert videos have been released on blu ray with 2496 audio. Information about the torrent troy 2004 theatrical cut blu ray cee 1080p. Jul 01, 2014 in collaboration with morgan creek productions and clive barkers seraphim, i nc. Midsommar directors cut details revealed as digital and bluray. The movie threehour extended cut is finally coming. When released on dvd and bluray in 2019, fantastic beasts. The bluray that was released later simply mimicked the hd dvd release. Pt pt theatrical version vs dvd vs blu ray versions. Sep 21, 2017 as we await any news on a potential man of steel sequel, the warner archive collection has announced that the threehour extended cut of superman. The blu ray quality was great, especially for my favorite scenes, the binocular scene, the mud wrastlin scene, and the bedroom scenes.

Sep 25, 2015 helgelands directors cut is available in the us on bluray and dvd as straight up. One of the most thoughtful, honest onscreen meditations on morality and personal culpability in quite some time andrew lapin, npr. Bluray premiere in a 2disc edition featuring stunning hidef presentations of the original 1973 theatrical version and the 2000 extended directors cut. The 35mm cut of knives out is different from the theatrical version. Patrick glenn nichols musclecar barn finds 491,605 views. Us theatrical cut blu ray anchor bay entertainment avc 1920x1080.

Its like if foxdisney put out a directors cut only of aliens i love aliens. The final cut was rereleased on ultra hd blu ray on september 5, 2017 one month prior to the theatrical release of blade runner 2049. Theatrical version without a bluray release page 2. A24, ari aster, directors cut, florence pugh, folk horror, hereditary, midsommar, wicker man. Here are a small list of theatrical cuts i want to see on blu ray.

The wolverine, from director james mangold and starring hugh jackman, hits disc formats on december 3, and fox is giving fans an incentive to buy the trickedout 4disc blu ray by featuring an. Directors cut and theatrical cuts each on their own disc. Sep 19, 2015 this is not the first time rumors that the star wars original trilogy theatrical cut will be rereleased on blu ray for the first time ever. Blu ray unleashes the power of your hdtv and is the best way to watch movies at home, featuring 6x the picture resolution of dvd, exclusive extras and theaterquality surround sound. Does the two disc watchmen directors cut bluray come. Looking for the theatrical cut of the warriors in hd.

The directors cut is scheduled for a release of october 28th and will be available in two retail versions. Dont waste your time on the directors cut version of this film. Compared are the false theatrical cut on the new us blu ray by kino lorber and the legit international theatrical version on the us laserdisc by warner 17 documented differences, including 6 additional scenes on the us laserdisc. A blu ray like this reminds me in all the best ways that, while i may have grown to be a film critic, ill always be a movie fan first. The combination pack houses both discs in a standard blu ray keepcase, with no booklets or other inserts. Runtime designations of the described scenes relate to the theatrical cut. The extended cut is just a bit too long for those who are casual viewing of a phenomenal trilogy.

If you want the original theatrical cut of the outsiders to be released then please like and share this video and leave a comment to that effect. Blu ray has also been taking over in the high end audio niche market. Hd talk the warriors theatrical cut will this ever be on blu ray. It 2017 theatrical version only on bluray directors. Dracula 1979 scream factory bluray screen comparisons. The frightening and realistic tale of an innocent girl inhabited by a terrifying entity. The theatrical cut has a deep blue tint throughout, but for the new cut helgeland brightened the image and increased the contrast dramatically. The film debuted on hd dvd but it is the same ultimate directors cut as was to be found on the dvd. Director rian johnson unveiled a 35mm cut of knives out and explained how its different from the theatrical release, now available on blu ray. The butterfly effect directors cuttheatrical cut blu.

The uk bluray edition of payback contains both editions of the film. The theatrical release of the film had cut ten minutes to get an r rating, but this. Remember, those who missed the original trilogy in theaters in the 70s and 80s have not seen the star wars movies in their original formats. Multi earthquake 1974 theatrical cut 1080p bluray avc. I cant speak so much to what is different about my version, than the theatrical version, because i only ever really analyzed my own version and what im trying. At last the brilliant and iconic the warriors has been released on blu ray in its theatrical cut, so i can chuck away the horrendous directors cut version with its awful comic book style transitions. You are bidding on the region a usa, canada new 2k remastered theatrical cut blu ray of c. If the release of superman s extended cut was a minor miracle already, it being released with a transfer this terrific is truly the icing on the cake. Similar to the steve martin version of sgt bilko as it is a military comedy based upon the scheming of a lead character. The wolverine 4disc bluray features unrated extended. The wrath of khan is widely known and liked by trek fans and the general public. Mel gibson, maria bello, william devane, brian helgeland. The theatrical version has film noir image wheres extended version just an ordinary image.

The movie as deleted scenes, but the full, 188minute version that. Theatrical cuts badly needed on blu ray dvd talk forum. Payback theatrical cut and directors cut bluray region free. The version of the film on the blu ray disc was the rrated theatrical cut, which is lacking some of the best moments. Blu ray contains both the theatrical cut and the longer, director approved cut. Extended threehour cut of richard donners superman. A few movies have been released on blu ray with the same kind of high resolution audio. Factory marks the first highdef release of the original theatrical cut that made its mark nearly 30 years ago. Still to this day, there hasnt been a bluray release of the theatrical cut, the version fans and critics have loved since 1984. Why is scream factorys limited edition bluray of nightbreed.

Final cut entertainment is a dvd and blu ray company. People talk about the ot theatrical cuts, i want the theatrical cuts on blu ray for all 6 with the special editions. We release a number of films, classic, cult, new and anything inbetween. Sony has presented the extended cut of the da vinci code in a twodisc blu ray set, porting over all of the special features from the initial standarddefinition dvd. Eventually, however, the blade runner partnership and warner bros. Pt pttheatrical version vs dvd vs blu ray versions. Donate for site costs bestrun hd movie collection daily update please read the rules. The warriors theatrical cut on bluray please youtube. There is no integral cut blu ray, case, artwork, booklet, slipcover or digital copy. The movies original theatrical release, fans of the heralded film are going to get not one, but two extended versions of the film on blu ray. The blu ray that was released later simply mimicked the hd dvd release. Get it today with same day delivery, order pickup or drive up.

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