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Fighting for the american dream by samuel j wurzelbacher, thomas n tabback online at alibris. Cowritten with novelist thomas tabback and published by pearlgate publishing of austin, texas, the book addresses wurzelbachers ideas concerning american values. Samuel joe the plumber wurzelbacher was on hand when obamas campaign rolled through his workingclass neighborhood in toledo, ohio. The information contained in this book contradicts nearly ever. Joe the plumber will continue his tireless work on behalf of the american people after signing a book deal for a title about american values. The book will be released, fox news reports, by a group called pearlgate publishing and. Joe has done an outstanding job of weeding through carroll quigleys book, tragedy. Joe the plumber becomes joe the writer after signing book deal. Joe witnesses a mafia hit and ends up in witness protection giving evidence, all the while leading a lowly life trying to keep a roof over his head, and hiding from the people hes trying to get convicted. Joe told fox news that he was broke, but still took time in considering his publishing house because he wanted to spread the wealth around. To get up and running as quickly as possible, i simply linked through to. Sarah palin exposed by tellall book blind allegiance. Joseph plummers wonderful novel called leaving the illusion reveals the reality behind the illusion most of us can never see. He has captured the essence of what quigley referred to as the network and made this important information accessible to the average person who simply doesnt have time to read a 1,300page history book.

Joe the plumber, real name samuel wurzelbacher, said he chose to turn. Wurzelbacher had recently bought a new business and wanted to. Browse joseph plummers bestselling audiobooks and newest titles. In late 2016 i began moving over to a new hosting platform. Wurzelbacher talked about the book he wrote with thomas tabback, joe the plumber. In november 2008, wurzelbacher began promoting his book joe the plumber. Fighting for the american dream, cowritten with novelist thomas n. Citing his desire to spread the wealth around rather than hand over his book production to one of the fat cat publishers, joe the plumber has apparently inked a book deal with pearlgate publishing.

Wurzelbacher, the ohio voter who became a celebrity in the last, heady weeks of the election, has signed a book deal with small, texasbased publisher pearlgate. Cjr has reported several new details on the book today. Joseph plummer audio books, best sellers, author bio audible. The book is being cowritten with littleknown novelist, thomas tabback. Joe plummer has done a superb job of revealing quigleys scholarship, while revealing his. Joseph plummer is the author of tragedy and hope 101 4. The true story of how one good man helped destroy the entire philadelphia mafia salerno, joseph, rivele, stephen j. Joe wurzelbacher, the unlicensed plumber who john mccain used as a. Joe the plumber quickly became joe the author with the publication of his book, joe the plumber. John plummer has 31 books on goodreads with 121 ratings.

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