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Climate change causes and effects graphic organizer under causes, write down what you think makes climate change occur. Pdf surface emissions and concentrations of globally important trace gases are increasing. Natural climate fluctuations have been documented to occur on a geologic time scale that is, over millions of years throughout earths history. The attached lesson, calculating your carbon footprint, demonstrates how i attempt to teach one of the gwcc topics burning fossil fuels alongside related chemistry concepts, using some of these best practices. Chemistry teachers views on teaching climate change an interview case study from researchoriented learning in teacher education note. After four to six minutes, the color of the cabbage juice in the experimental jar should change from a dark purple to a purplepink as the water becomes more acidic.

Greenhouse gases are the major humaninfluenced drivers of climate change. Curbing the chemistry of climate change science in the news. Convince yourself that if you are given any of the definitions in chapter 1, 3 through diatomic, and 4 through wavelength, you will be able to write. Atmospheric chemistry and physicsfull text pdf exit. Jul 03, 2016 on this page you can read or download grade 12 mind the gap chemistry study guide pdf in pdf format. Human influences the chemistry global climate change is a very complex subject. Climate models indicate significant temperature increases. The workbook is contained in a separate document, and again it may refer to a range of. Prinn, and andrei sokolov joint program on the science and policy of global change, massachusetts institute of technology, cambridge abstract.

Under effects, write what you think happens because of climate change. Potential climatic impacts and reliability of very large. Ecosystem stability and the response to climate change. Effects of climate change on forest fires over north america and impact on u. This knowledge will help us to prepare for and adapt to the effects of climate change. Hudman rc, spracklen dv, logan ja, mickley lj, wu s, yevich rm. Climate change 7 climate change on a global scale, whether natural or due to human activity, can be initiated by processes that modify either the amount of energy absorbed from the sun, or the amount of infrared energy emitted to space. The goal is not to teach the entirety of climate change but rather to give students an understanding of chemistry through the lens of climate change. The materials can be used to study both ideas and evidence and the nature of science, and also when teaching key skills. However, the biosphere, humans in particular, has had an increasingly. The current tentative consensus is that global warming is a reality, but it is uncertain how much this is caused by.

Department of agriculture research, education and economics office of the chief scientist july 24, 2012 there is considerable sciencebased evidence that the global climate is changing, with increasing overall temperatures, increasing carbon dioxide co 2 and other greenhouse gases ghgs, and. To aid in the presentation, the questions have been organized into seven sections, with the questions addressed in each section. The role of atmospheric chemistry in climate change article pdf available in japca 391. The chemistry of ocean acidification climate interpreter.

Key sources of information on climate change are synthesised by the successive reports of the intergovernmental panel on climate change ipcc created by the united nations and the world meteorological organization in 1988. Dwight gledhill with the cooperative institute of marine and atmospheric science. Report of the intergovernmental panel on climate change stocker, t. The effect of climate change on water resources and programs introduction the goal of this module is to educate water program managers, as well as the general public, on the expected effects of climate change on water resources and water programs. Certain industrial chemicals, such as chlorofluorocarbons cfcs, act as potent greenhouse gases and are longlived in the atmosphere. The country is considered a biodiversity hotspot, with nearly a quarter of the land area located in protected areas. In the questions box, note any questions you have, or things you would like to know about the causes and effects of climate change. In order to elucidate interactions between climate change and biogeochemical. Nepal and the surrounding himalayan region are particularly vulnerable to climate change because of their abrupt ecological and climatic transitions. The earths climate is changing in response to increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases ghgs and particulate matter in the atmosphere, largely as the result of a broad range of human activities.

These gases warm the earths surface by trapping heat in the atmosphere. This is a lengthy pdf document of a powerpoint presentation that accompanies a talk by dr. The chemistry behind the culprits course description school district standards resources and materials leading in united states k12 education with mandated connecticut state science standards, content standard 9. Integrating chemistry and earth and space science 856. Climate scientists have spoken out forcefully in print hansen, 2009, mann, 2012 and electronic media climate science from climate scientists, science. The full text of this document is currently only available in the pdf version. The physical science behind climate change scientific american. This is a flexible group of resources for 1119 year olds. Chemistry in the earth system instructional segment 1. The effect of climate change on water resources and programs. Climate change and our responsibilities as chemists. Chemistry climate change high school lesson plans, teachers.

Nasas climate kids take a tour through the big questions of climate science, then try out fun games and activities. Name climatechangebiodiversityadaptationpriorities10771. Learn how climate has changed since the last ice age and throughout longer stretches of geologic time. Yet, from a knowledge perspective, we are at a distinct disadvantage. Atmospheric chemistry includes numerous lightrelated reactions such as photolytic cleavage of a molecule. Chemistry teachers views on teaching climate change an.

Makers spm became a short document with no figures and few numbers. Getting skeptical about global warming skepticism in an effort to alert us to the inevitability of continuing and worsening climate changes from emissions we have already made and how. The effects of climate change on human health are a serious threat leading to increased illness and mortality rates, the spread of vectorborne diseases and epidemics and decreased efficiency of labor work forces among other impacts. There are elements of climate science that can be addressed using these methods, notably in atmospheric chemistry and the physics and chemistry of aerosolandcloudparticles. The energy and therefore the wavelength and frequency of light photons are relevant. Meeting future world energy needs while addressing climate change requires largescale deployment of low or zero greenhouse gas ghg emission technologies such as wind energy. Because co2 gets blamed for global warming and ocean acidification, this essential gas gets a bad reputation. Recent responses to climate change reveal the drivers of. All of earths spheres the biosphere living things, hydrosphere water, lithosphere rocksoil, and atmosphere airwork together to create and maintain climate.

Global warming concerns understanding the macrosystem, such as the why and wherefore of the current observed increase in planetary atmospheric temperatures see also how atmospheric chemistry and physics effects global warming. The atmosphere is the essential physical and chemical environment for life. Bending the curve to flatten the upward trajectory of pollution emissions responsible for climate disruption is essential in order to protect billions of people from this global threat. Surprisingly, extinctions occurred at sites with smaller changes in mean annual temperatures but larger increases in hottest yearly. Chemistry in the earth system instructional segment 2. This ebook was developed as a public document with the intention to raise awareness on the science of. This textbook book lays out ten solutions that together can bend the curve of climate warming below dangerous levels. The earths climate is warming, mostly due to human activities such as changes in land cover and emissions of certain pollutants. If you dont see any interesting for you, use our search form on bottom v. Some factors, such as the distribution of heat within the oceans, atmospheric chemistry, and surface vegetation, change at very short timescales. Research project publication details investigation of the. The widespread availability of wind power has fueled legitimate interest in this renewable energy source as one of the needed technologies. However, scientific investigations of the dynamics of the entire climate system have more in common with systems biology and economics than with laboratory.

Climate change, the periodic modification of earths climate caused by changes in the atmosphere and interactions between the atmosphere and various other geologic, chemical, biological, and geographic factors. You need to be literate enough about the nature of the debate and the underly ing science to have your views counted in the political process. Oct 06, 2008 the physical science behind climate change. Pdf the role of atmospheric chemistry in climate change. Pdf is a function that indicates the relative chances of occurrence of. Activities that encourage students to form opinions on the issue of climate change based on scientific data, and aim to generate classroom discussion and debate. Climate change can also occur at a faster pace over a period of years, for example after major volcanic eruptions. Historical overview of climate change science ipcc. The national center for science education ncse outlines four fundamental best practices 8 for teaching about climate change figure 3. Climatechange science will continue to help society make. Learn resource guide for advanced learning on the scientific fundamentals of climate change 4 1. Ocean acidification represents a direct chemical change to global ocean chemistry in response to rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide co2.

Impact of change in chemical composition on climate. Priorities for biodiversity adaptation to climate change. Climate free fulltext the impact of climate change on. Global climate is the average of all regional trends, and researchers have. Applications of chemistry through climate science black carbon, greenhouse gases, ice cores, ozone. The aim of this document is to provide a holistic yet complete and comprehensive view of climate change in a way that is understandable to a very broad audience and to clarify common misunderstanding about the topic. Additionally, it is intended to provide students with a better view of how science is done, what other careers are available for students besides research scientist, and to connect their. The response of species to climate change is of increasingly urgent importance. Applications of chemistry through climate science ucar. Chemistry teachers views on teaching climate change. Tell students to write down their results on the orals and.

What are the choices for preparing for the impacts of climate change. Gis for climate change global climate change is a dif. Carbon dioxide is responsible for many of todays climate change related issues. Paleoclimatic reconstructions have helped place ongoing climate change in the perspective of natural climate var iability. Others, such as the position of continents and the location and height of mountain ranges, change over very long timescales. It is a good resource for background information about ocean acidification because it covers chemistry, carbon cycles, co2 emmission, and focuses on the impacts of ocean.

It will have an impact on human health, livelihood assets, food production and distribution channels, as well as changing. Grassl,1998 with strategy document for ecmwf 19992008. Nepal has an extreme altitudinal range from 608850 m with heterogeneous topography and distinct climatic zones. Climate change science seeks to understand the physical, chemical, biological and. Mind the science, mind the gap concept note ghg protocol. This is balanced by an equivalent amount that is removed by chemical. Replacing fossilfuelled furnaces with renewable electrical heating and cutting carbon from some heavy industries could make a serious dent in climate targets news trump repeals and replaces obamas clean power plan to curb coal emissions.

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