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I work for a power company, and in my job, electricity is the name of the game. The lesson reinforces the relationship between power and energy a. It can help us to determine the energy wasting deficiencies in homes, firms, factories, industries and can show exactly how. Energy audit worksheet description potential savings selected full on dim dimming incandescent or halogen bulbs by 25% saves 20% electricity.

Energy audit data collection form fact sheet, saving energy in commercial buildings, nrel national renewable energy laboratory author. Students complete three different activities to evaluate the energy consumption in a household and explore potential ways to reduce that consumption. Schedule an energy audit ask your utility company or state energy office for more expert advice on your home as a whole. At the completion of the watt meter activity, hand out the student worksheet and explain the homework portion of the home energy audit to them in class. This basic audit gives students an idea of how much energy they are using and some basic ideas on how to conserve energy. A home energy auditor helps people understand where and when electricity is usedor wastedat home. This will depend on how your region produces electricity.

Explain that the same principles apply to the home energy audit as the school energy audit, but likely more energy efficient technologies are available for home appliances than in the school. Energy auditthis paper attempts to answer the questions related to energy audit. Ideally, audits begin with a guide, checklist and progress check to monitor and weigh real. Objectives identify different ways in which energy is used in the school examine different ways energy use can be reduced in the school create a plan to reduce school energy use. C e w based middle school activity home energy audit. An energy audit can help us determine how we use energy and how much energy we consume. Home energy audit gelfand center carnegie mellon university. The four seasons reading comprehension energy states of full template. Energy storage preliminary monitoring plan template. This activity has 1 short answer, 1 matching, and 1 problem to solve. Comprehensive diy home energy audit complete with downloadable checklist. In this energy production activity, students describe the difference between renewable and nonrenewable energy and identify the different types of energy. It is used as a term to measure how much of something, or to describe an amount.

Conduct an energy auditsurvey of electrical appliances at their homes, in terms of the energy used and the costs involved determine the amount of energy used by different appliances interpret a monthly electric bill make calculations and conversions relating to energy use. Home energy audit power worksheet worksheet for 8th 10th. They will consider simple habit changes they could make at home to reduce personal electricity use. Finally, many local utilities and contractors offer home energy audit and. Worksheet, workbook, presentation, calculator, computer, projector. Your heating and cooling appliance energy use and costs. Diy free home energy audit with worksheet checklist. During winter, open window shades or drapes to let in the natural warmth of the sun, and close them at night to insulate windows against heat loss. According to the department of energy, phantom power consumption is. To find a home energy rater, visit the energy star for homes partner locator. Keep a 14 day log that records what you and your family did to reduce energy use. Washington state university energy program energy audit workbook table of contents.

Home energy audit power worksheet worksheet for 8th 10th full template. A stepbystep guide for identifying and improving your homes energy efficiency. There are several online, doityourself home energy audit tools that you can use to gain an understanding of your energy use patterns and costs. Every activity that we perform requires energy in some form. Students use this energy search to conduct an energy audit in their classroom and home. These easy to follow worksheets use the ms excel application and allow you to perform a costpaybackprofit analysis of a proposed system, an energy audit, andor calculations to help you decide on an array size, modules and an inverter, wire gauges, etc. Chose one room in your house for your audit the room should have at least 5 electricity consuming applianceslights.

Home energy saver can also help you plan next steps following your diy energy audit hes. By finding out where the most electricity is used, a home energy audit can help. Turn off standby power my energysaving actions fridges and freezers fridge and freezer energy checkup use the powermate for 24 hours to check your fridge and freezer energy use and costs. The present edition constitutes part of a series of three technical guides published by the centre for renewable energy sources cres regarding the energy audit procedure in buildings and in industry. Energy audit handbook 11 by using the following checklist and identifying and counting all energy using equipment and noting their energy ratings, you can begin to develop a picture of your energy use eg. Power worksheet worksheet is suitable for 8th 10th grade. Conservation measures retrofit already implemented or under consideration prior to this. Running through this checklist could give you some ideas of how you can save energy in your home. Energy audit workbook wsu energy program energy saving operation and maintenance procedures implemented or under consideration prior to this audit specify which. Use the thermometer use the powermate appliance first reading second reading door seals ok. List up to ten ways you and your household use electric energy at home.

At the home energy suite they would choose homeenergycalculator to complete their audit. A combination of diagnostic tests to identify leaks, moisture problems, or ventilation issues and assess the homes energy performance. Electrical production worksheet worksheet is suitable for 7th 12th grade. Forms and documents for reservation request rrf proposed monitoring plan checklist. The focus is on conservation and energy efficient electrical devices and appliances. A prioritized list of improvement measures based on health and safety issues, comfort, and overall costbenefit. Everyone is welcome to use our home pv solar electric system sizing worksheets version 1. Identify the different appliances that use electricity in your home. Energy calculation worksheet 2 you will use the information on this page and the results from counting the squares on the city grid to determine the energy, cost, and carbon footprint of the lights from this city. They rank the amount of power consumed from lowest to highest for 5 household items. Then i turn them loose on the home energy audit reading electric and gas bills worksheet.

Energy star certified bulbs provide the same brightness lumens with less energy watts. While energy and power are often confused and treated as synonyms, they have precise definitions that differ from one another. Page 2 window check page 3 shading check page 4 insulation check page 5 proofing and sealing check your diy home energy checklist. Think of all the things you plug in but dont get silly by listing the lights in each individual room.

In simple termsan energy audit is a complex technical. Residential minimum operating efficiency worksheet. Home energy assessments or audits help homeowners diagnose and analyze the energy use in their homes. Based on these audits, you can change your inputs to see potential savings. Apr 23, 2020 a home energy auditor helps people understand where and when electricity is usedor wastedat home. A professional energy audit comes with a fee, but gives you the benefit of a building. While energy and power are often confused and treated as synonyms, they have. The audit will cost the school little or no money and, if acted upon, will likely save your school money on its energy bill for this year and many years to come. Home energy audit overview in this activity, students will complete a worksheet leading them to a better understanding of their and their households electricity use.

An energy audit plays a major role in reduction of new power generation. Our homes are filled with appliances that use electrical energy to work for us. Even simple functions like walking to the store or to school require energy. Determine the wattage for each of the power consuming appliances or lights in your room, enter into the table using one row for each light bulb or appliance.

Use the thermometer use the power mate appliance first reading second reading door seals ok. A diligent tour of your home with this booklet, and its tearout checklist to record. When you have completed the audit, you will discuss your results in class and brainstorm ways to use less energy make your home more energy efficient. Energy efficiency let s save energy pdf free download full template. Energy audit handbook national institute of technology. Your wholehouse plan after you know where your home is losing energy, use your findings to make a plan. You should be provided by the energy auditor or contractor with a report.

To find a bulb with similar brightness compared to your current incandescent bulb, pay attention to lumensthe higher the lumen, the brighter the light. Improving your home s energy efficiency will help it work better for you and for the environment. Assisted, traditional, and deep levels of these audits involve a trained auditor conducting. The aim of these publications is to comprise a useful and practical tool for engineers and other scientists that are going to be occupied in the field of energy auditing. Explain that they can focus on one room, but they should be thorough in defining all electrical appliances in that room.

Lets save energy energy efficiency homework energy efficiency home energy audit just check each item as you go through your home. It can help us to determine the energy wasting deficiencies in homes, firms, factories, industries and can. Identify ways to save energy in the home, either through energy efficiency or energy conservation. A home energy auditor also suggests ways to reduce the use of electricity or use it more efficiently. If demand andor power factor are metered and billed, energy cost here. Distribute the home energy audit student worksheet and set as homework. I deliver a lecture on those units, and i walk through the structure of the bills with sample bills projected on the board. Improving your homes energy efficiency will help it work better for you and for the environment. Energy audits are performed to identify energy being consumed by an establishment or facility as well as determine energy conservation strategies or measures to manage energy consumption. Many students will get hung up converting from power to energy or the other way around. Energy management coordinator emc or monitor emcs phone person completing this audit include cert. Its important to know that the scope, the amount of detail and accuracy level of calculations and figures shown in the report would vary depending on the level of the energy audit you asked to be conducted. Also at this location is an energy library to help them with other questions such as how much does a space heater cost to operate.

Turn off standby power my energy saving actions fridges and freezers fridge and freezer energy checkup use the power mate for 24 hours to check your fridge and freezer energy use and costs. If you have any questions regarding you home energy audit, please feel free to. If not, you can hire a home energy professional, such as a certified home energy rater, to evaluate your homes energy efficiency. Sign up our newsletter to get a fresh news from greenschools. Leaky hot water faucets waste both water and energy. You can use an energy meter to determine how much energy an appliance uses. Part of a series of 34 energy efficiency checklists, data collection forms, and howto guides, this energy audit data collection form facilitates data entry. Use the powermate to find out hourly energy use and costs.

After completing the 2 audits, students answer reflection questions and 6 math problems th. Home energy audit student worksheet answers tutore. In this home energy audit worksheet, learners answer 6 questions about power and how work and energy are related to power. For example, you can increase the attic insulation, install. Use the tips for energy audit to help you get started. Please include an estimate of implementation cost and energy savings in kwhyr and btuyr. The pdf file illustrates how to calculate energy consumption per year, and. If your walls arent insulated have an insulation contractor blow cellulose into the walls. The function of an energy audit is to expose different ways to affect energy consumption and identify numerous options for reducing energy. To save the most energy, choose the bulb with the lowest wattage suitable for its usage. In hot climates, closed shades or blinds help keep rooms cool. Pen and checklist print out this checklist microsoft excel or pdf versions available. Diy energy audits you can use the home energy saver tool to conduct a doityourself audit.

Home energy audit tredyffrineasttown school district. Assisted, traditional, and deep levels of these audits involve a. Home energy audit purpose we use energy in our lives everyday. Give students worksheets for home energy audit and assign the audit as homework.

Home performance assessment about energy star energy. Energy is the capacity of a system to perform work zimmerman jones, andrew. Energy audit worksheet reading your meter see appendix 1 keep a weekly record of you electricity and gas meter readings make sure to take the reading at the same time every week keep all your readings in a safe place make a note of an events that may have increased your usage date meter reading date meter reading. Exercises using the watt meter on day two of the module allows students to understand that electricity consumption can vary widely from appliance to appliance.

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