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Vici vc99 aka vichy vc99 is quite old but still very decent 6000 count dmm with bargraph and plenty of useful features. Second, the chip model is known and craig was able to get his hands on the datasheet. Also contained are pdf versions of the schematic and board. I wonder if manual range has any advantage over autorange. Download operation manual of vichy vc97 multimeter for free or view it online on. The other meters in the comparison were the amprobe am220, elenco m2625, global specialties pro50, and vichy vc99.

Relative value, frequencyduty cycle measuring, data hold. Picking a winner reporting in his characteristically irreverent and. Adding a wireless pc link to the vichy vc99 multimeter. One of the pins enables serial output when pulsed low. The instrument is a stable and good performance digital multimeter driven by battery. There are lots of pages describing how to extract a serial data stream from the vichy vc99 multimeter. Theres an unused pin to which one can connect a wire, then hold down the rel button and bursts of 2400 bits per second data appear.

Dual display multimeter 22 pages summary of contents for vichy. It is an autoranging meter by default, though has a range feature to change it to a manual ranging device. Operation manual of 3999, automatic negative polarity. It is based on popular middle class fs9922dmm4 dmm chip. Buy vici vc99 3 67 lcd manual auto digital multimeter tester volt ammeter test meter ohm analog bar auto range. Please dont input voltage value when measuring environment temperature at 235. Database contains 1 vichy vc99 3 67 dmm manuals available for free online viewing or downloading in pdf. The vichy vc99 is an inexpensive 6000 count multimeter with pretty decent performance compared to some others in the same price bracket, one. Vichy vc97 multimeter operation manual pdf viewdownload. User manuals, guides and specifications for your vichy vc99 3 67 dmm multimeter.

The recorder also features manual start, scheduled start and triggered. I got one of these a few months back off the bay, its ok imo, sometimes a bit slow on auto but fine when set to manual. Metallic screen board with stronger antimagnetic and antiinterferential function. The proster vc99, or vichy vc99, aspires somewhat to the legendary fluke. Theres an unused pin to which one can connect a wire, then hold down the rel button and bursts of. Vichy vc99 going bluetoo forget optical separation.

Bas21 datasheet, bas21 pdf, bas21 data sheet, bas21 manual, bas21 pdf, bas21, datenblatt, electronics bas21, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, datasheets, data sheet. Most likely it will be devttyusb0 if you have no other serial device. It uses the lcd with 23mmhigh figure to make the reading clear and make operation more convenient. Vichy vc99 3 67 dmm manuals and user guides, multimeter. Auto range max 4000 multimeter large lcd compared with fluke 15b strong antimagnetic and antijamming performance, full function protection, unit symbol display very easy to read, relative value. The digital vc99 is an automanual range digital multimeter tester volt ammeter test meter, it can be used to measure acdc voltage and current. The digital multimeter has the function of measuring dcv. Carefully look at the insulation around the terminals. I was impressed with the build quality and size of the. Power mosfet irf9610, sihf9610 vishay siliconix features dynamic dvdt rating pchannel fast switching ease of paralleling simple drive requirements lead pbfree available. The proster vc99, or vichy vc99, aspires somewhat to the legendary fluke 17b and is often oemd through other manufacturers such as signstek.

Universal auto tester with full function protection. Hello everyone, as you see,this is my first post in this forum,but im reading this forums for many years. Summary of contents for vichy vc99 3 67 dmm page 1 21. Proster vici vc99 6999 digital multimeter prostereu.

Of course you will have to change the port number for the corresponding on your computer. Various techniques have been used to handle the data whilst providing electrical isolation. Multimeter vichy vc99 3 67 dmm user manual 5 pages. View and download vichy vc97 operation manual online. Vc99 description divoflow 50 is a heavy duty, low foam, formulated liquid caustic detergent for cip, bottlewashing and smoke chamber cleaning. Vichy vc99 with wireless serial link the vichy vc99 is an inexpensive. Vici vichy vc99 auto range professional digital multimeter tester sale. Reflow soldering footprint bav99w sot323sc70 fig 15. Unlocking rs232 serial comm on a multimeter hackaday. As you say this multimeter cannot be compared a a fluke 17b but is was made to.

It uses the lcd with 26mmhigh figure to make the reading clear. Fluke of course uses precision multiple resistor packages. According to page two of the manual and the imprints on the endcaps i need a a fast molten 250v fuse. I have damaged my temperature measurement part of multimeter by high ac current. Vici vc99 dmm serial logging mod using tcrt5000 youtube. Proster digital multimeter vici vc97 3999 amazon duration. How to use a multimeter for beginners how to measure voltage, resistance, continuity and amps duration.

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