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Lorenzo villoresi is an italian perfumer who launched his eponymous niche line in 1990. When scent maker lorenzo villoresi recalls his childhood home, the 800yearold villa villoresi nestled in hills outside florence, the scenery isnt what comes to mind. Some scents are also offered in lotion, incense, candles. Opulent trees, loaded with exotic and unknown fruits, touched by the warm rays of a tropical sun. Since the creation of his house founded in 1990 in the 15th century family palazzo in florence lorenzo villoresi has traced a revolutionary. The business activity started in 1990, beginning with fresh interpretations of various classics.

Tropicana, what a fun name for a fragrance, once you read the copy below you can see what a divine setting the villoresi crew are trying to create with it. Florentine arts flourished under the patronage of the medici family in the 15 th century and this tradition of fatto a mano has passed from one generation to the next. Neither fragrance is hugely complicated and, in fact, at first glance, they seem to be quite similar. The perfumers olfactory passion for spices and fragrances moulded into his creation. Lorenzo villoresi firenze dolce prospectiva by lorenzo. Lorenzo villoresis patchouli is a pretty straightforward interpretation of its title note, expressing more of the herbs minty, astringent aspect than its earthy, quasianimalic qualities. Lorenzo villoresi create evocative perfumes that conjure exotic worlds inspired by the secrets and mysteries of the east. Acqua di colonia lorenzo by lorenzo villoresi womens fragrances. From lorenzo villoresi to santa maria novella, explore the wonderful perfumes of italy. Florence, the city of genius par excellence and launch pad for a multitude of cultural innovations, will soon house a unique and extraordinary centre, the first of its kind, dedicated to the world of perfume and fragrances, as wished for by lorenzo and ludovica villoresi.

Some of you will remember we covered the brands excellent mare nostrum last year in an article about officefriendly perfumes which you can read here if you missed it. It is relaxing, uplifting, soothing and is believed to be an aphrodisiac. His visit to the middle east further strengthened his love for perfumes. Uomo by lorenzo villoresi is a aromatic fougere fragrance for women and men. Add to cart add to cart add to cart add to cart customer rating. Dilmun lorenzo villoresi florence artisan made in italy. Una fragranza raffinata, dal profumo intenso di legni aromatici. Room fragrances at moods of florence fragrances, florence, diffuser. Lorenzo villoresi firenze patchouli perfume by lorenzo villoresi, lorenzo villoresi firenze patchouli is an earthy and aromatic fragrance for women launched in 1996. Which is surprising, because, after all, this is lorenzo villoresis scent, and his other scents are anything but boring. Get 25 % discount on all samples with coupon code take25 sale ends march 30h at 11. From his atelier in florence, villoresi creates bespoke fragrances by appointment.

Il respiro soave dei boschi e delle terre doriente. Patchouli lorenzo villoresi florence parfums artisan made in italy. The perfume house lorenzo villoresi was established in 1990 by the perfumer lorenzo villoresi in italy. Dazu gehoren unter anderem patchouli, sandalo oder vetiver. Classical, true patchouli is one of my favorite notes, so i thought i would take a sidebyside look at two soliflores that highlight the note. Expertly and lovingly combining the finest essential oils, spices and minerals, lorenzo villoresi creates perfumes that evoke the colors of tuscany and the essence of the. Sandalo by lorenzo villoresi was introduced in 1995, inspired by ancient indian tradition.

Get free delivery on everything overstock your online beauty products shop. Lorenzo villoresi firenze patchouli by lorenzo villoresi perfume. Lorenzo villoresi firenze patchouli is an extravagant fragrance for women. Let the exotic scent of this perfume whisk you away to a world where lush, fragrant steam rolls off the verdant jungle. Since the creation of his house founded in 1990 in the 15th century family palazzo in florence lorenzo villoresi has traced a revolutionary path in artistic perfumery. Its not as nice as some of the others on this list, and definitely not as good as the santa maria novella, but i like it more than the dior or the tom ford. Smudge by heretic parfums at twisted lily is a liquid version of the smudge stick using these sacred plants and features ample amounts of sage, oud, labdanum, cade, patchouli, myrrh, benzoin and vanilla absolute. Villoresi said it was blended from several patchouli oils i visited his atelier in june 2008. A smooth yet alluring note of bergamot combines with fresh floral scents to open lafayette street bond no. During those years he began to experiment, distilling aromatic plants, producing.

Lorenzo villoresi perfumes are made by hand, according to traditional methods. The nose behind this fragrance is lorenzo villoresi. Feb 27, 2020 mysterious, exotic and oriental patchoul is a musty, sweet, spicy, heavy scent. I dont find much to analyze here, nor to i perceive much development as the scent wears. Lorenzo villoresi has a nice dark patchouli that you can get a sample of from surrender to chance. Italian perfumes by lorenzo villoresi four seasons. Lorenzo villoresi is a perfume house created in 1990 in florence, italy, by the master perfumer of the same name, and its a house weve known and loved for quite some time. Lorenzo villoresi firenze alamut perfume by lorenzo villoresi. Launched in 2006, this modern perfume is exotic with diverse florals. Buy profumo di firenze colonia fiorentina by lorenzo villoresi at.

The perfume dries down into the dominant patchouli heart. The underlying philosophy which led to the creation of the perfumery and home fragrances collections is evident in the intrinsic value of the single. Accademia lorenzo villoresi florence artisan made in. The soil of dilmun is pure and in the garden of the gods, the sun garden, there are bushes laden with gemlike buds, cornelian fruits from which hang beautiful plants and leaves of lapis lazuli interspersed with sweet fruits.

A heart is composed of labdanum, sandalwood, neroli and bulgarian rose, while base includes sandalwood, amber, patchouli, opoponax, musk, oakmoss and vetiver. Today florence contains many esteemed artisans who are expert in a variety of creative expressions. See more ideas about perfume, fragrance and perfume bottles. This month i met with italian perfumer, lorenzo villoresi in his native florence, a city rich in artisanal culture. Lorenzo villoresi firenze patchouli perfume by lorenzo. Since 1981, during his first trip to the middle east, lorenzo villoresi developed an interest in the world of spices and essences. It was released in 1994, and has notes of rose, coriander, clove, star anise, blackcurrant, carnation, rosewood, rose, jasmin, iris, ylang ylang, violet leaves, sandalwood, musk and narcissus. Mare nostrum perfume by lorenzo villoresi firenze, mare nostrum is a citrus aromatic fragrance for women that was launched in 2012. Lorenzo villoresi was born in florence, in an austere town house on one of the citys oldest streets.

Lorenzo villoresi products mgr fantastic deals inc. The opening notes consist of rose, jasmine, osmanthus and brazilian rosewood. Lorenzo villoresi firenze alamut perfume by lorenzo villoresi, this balsamic and powdery fragrance for women is lorenzo villoresi firenze alamut. Buy lorenzo villoresi firenze dolce prospectiva by lorenzo villoresi at. Dilmun is the paradise of the ancient mesopotamians, the place where the sun rises and where the sumerian creation myth takes place. Top notes are bay leaf, petitgrain, bergamot, amalfi lemon, orange, coriander, lavender and elemi.

Patchouli essential oil has a beneficial effect on the skin, helping with infections and insect bites. Regenerative, earthy, grounding and balancing evocative of freedom and nonconformity and known as a scent of the 60s. Top notes incorporate orange, lavender, petit grain, brazilian rosewood and lemon. Donna is lorenzo villoresis signature fragrance for women, and is part of the classic collection. N amed after the mountain fortress in the hills by the elburz mountains, the scent has been described as something right out of the thousand and one nights, as a sensual journey to the orient, as a fragrant arabesque. Profumo di firenze colonia fiorentina by lorenzo villoresi. Then, after a bit more browsing through the stores, i found a beautiful traditional cotton bedspread for my soontobe new home, and we headed back to grasse. He began to study perfumery and distillation methods and started receiving requests for bespoke fragrances. This scent contains fresh balsamic accords and opens with patchouli and lavender. Uomo lorenzo villoresi perfume a fragrance for women and.

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